A couple of Hegelian maxims anchor it enterprise, particularly, determinate negation and you may abstract worry about-reflection

A couple of Hegelian maxims anchor it enterprise, particularly, determinate negation and you may abstract worry about-reflection

His most full statement happens in Negative Dialectics, which is chatted about after

Accordingly, for the building a “dialectic from enlightenment” brand new authors concurrently seek to would a dialectical enlightenment out-of enlightenment perhaps not unlike Hegel’s Phenomenology of Soul. “Determinate negation” (bestimmte Negation) demonstrates immanent criticism ‘s the means to fix wrest basic facts out-of ideology. A beneficial dialectical enlightenment off enlightenment “reveals for each and every photo while the software. They will teach us to understand off [the brand new image’s] features the latest entry out of falseness and this cancels its electricity and hand it off to knowledge” (De- 18). Beyond and you can because of eg determinate negation, good dialectical enlightenment out-of enlightenment and remembers the foundation and you will objective regarding think in itself. Instance remember is the really works of build since the notice-reflection out of consider (der Begriff als Selbstbesinnung de l’ensemble des Denkens, De- thirty two). Conceptual care about-meditation demonstrates envision originates from the very corporeal demands and you will wants that get lost when think becomes a mere appliance from person mind-maintenance. In addition, it demonstrates the objective of thought https://www.datingranking.net/it/incontri-buddisti/ is not so you can remain the latest blind domination away from characteristics and individuals however, to suggest to the reconciliation. Adorno looks like the details from the conception inside the next lectures into the Kant (KC), ethics (PMP), and metaphysics (MCP) and also in his guides into Husserl (AE), Hegel (H), and you will Heidegger (JA).

step 3. Vital Public Theory

Dialectic of Enlightenment presupposes a life threatening societal idea indebted so you’re able to Karl Marx. Adorno reads Marx because a beneficial Hegelian materialist whose complaints away from capitalism unavoidably boasts a complaints of your ideologies one capitalism restores and needs. The most important of them is really what Marx named “the latest fetishism of commodities.” Marx lined up their criticism from commodity fetishism up against bourgeois social boffins whom just establish the brand new capitalist cost savings however,, in so doing, on the other hand misdescribe it and you can prescribe a bogus public vision. Based on Marx, bourgeois economists fundamentally disregard the exploitation inherent so you can capitalist creation. They neglect to remember that capitalist manufacturing, for everybody their skin “freedom” and you will “fairness,” need pull surplus value regarding the labor of working class. Eg ordinary manufacturers and you will consumers under capitalist standards, bourgeois economists eradicate brand new item as the an effective fetish. It address it since if they had been a simple target, that have a lifetime of a unique, you to personally makes reference to other products, when you look at the independence from the human relations that really sustain the merchandise. Marx, by contrast, contends one to any type of tends to make something an item extends back so you can people requires, wishes, and you can practices. The brand new item would not have “explore well worth” whether it did not see person wants. It can not have “change well worth” in the event the not one person desired to exchange it for something else entirely. As well as exchange worth cannot end up being calculated if the commodity didn’t share with other merchandise good “value” created by the fresh new costs off human labor electricity and you can measured because of the the common work go out socially needed seriously to develop products of several types.

Adorno’s public idea tries to build Marx’s central wisdom appropriate to “later capitalism.” Even when when you look at the agreement having Marx’s investigation of commodity, Adorno believes their feedback regarding item fetishism does not go much enough. Extreme transform has actually took place the dwelling off capitalism due to the fact Marx’s time. This calls for news on many subjects: the newest dialectic anywhere between forces off design and you can relations out of production; the relationship ranging from state and you can discount; the fresh new sociology off kinds and you may category consciousness; the nature and you will aim of ideology; and the character away from pro cultures, particularly modern artwork and you can public theory, in criticizing capitalism and requiring brand new conversion process off people once the an entire.

The primary clues to these posts are from an idea from reification suggested of the Hungarian socialist Georg Lukacs from the 1920s and from interdisciplinary strategies and debates presented by the people in new Institute out of Public Research throughout the 1930s and 1940s. Building to the Maximum Weber’s principle of rationalization, Lukacs contends that the capitalist cost savings is no longer that markets of society near to anyone else. Rather, commodity exchange is amongst the central throwing concept for everybody sectors of area. This permits item fetishism so you’re able to permeate the personal organizations (e.g., legislation, government, journalism) together with all instructional disciplines, along with viewpoints. “Reification” relates to “the new architectural techniques where brand new commodity means penetrates lifestyle into the capitalist neighborhood.” Lukacs was particularly concerned about how reification makes humans “appear to be simple things obeying the fresh inexorable laws of industries” (Zuidervaart 1991, 76).

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